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Write Forever: A hilarious (and great) main event on AEW Collision for March 30

Write Forever: A hilarious (and great) main event on AEW Collision for March 30

For a while I've been trying to separate things into Bad/In-Between/Good, but I don't frequently have something to put in The Bad section so I'm just going to try experimenting with how I write about these shows. Not that I'm an AEW fanboy or anything – they can obviously have bad stuff on their shows (and have), but it's not usually common enough to devote a whole section to it.

So, let's just free write about what sticks out to me good or bad as the show goes on without necessarily doing a full-on play by play, which you can find in 9,000 other places on the internet.

Collision opened with Adam Copeland rushing to the ring for the first TNT Title Cope Open and Ian Riccaboni on commentary. Things kicked off hot!

The TNT Title Copen Openland Challenge

Matt Cardona answered the challenge which felt fine to me – I think his work on the indies has been a ton of fun from what I've seen, but the last time he popped up in AEW didn't do much of anything for me.

This is interesting, though, at least as a concept as we got the former Edgehead vs the former Edge. Matt Cardona looked like a rotisserie chicken. I haven't eaten a rotisserie chicken in years. The pre-made ones from the grocery store were always a little too salty for me, but it was nice to be able to get a relatively cheap, pre-made chicken that you could shred or just munch on. I'm a vegetarian now, though, so all chicken eaters can fuck off.

Getting the cheapest heat possible, Cardona ripped up a fan's sign during picture-in-picture sending the crowd into the frenzy. In the early stages of the night, the crowd was white hot even prompting a "Holy Shit!" chant as Cardona and Copeland faced off pre-match.

The thing I liked most about this match was that it starts the Open Challenge off with a bang by telling the audience that anyone could show up at any time. This isn't simply an open challenge for the AEW roster, it's an open challenge for anyone in wrestling who thinks they can win the belt. It harkens back to Cody Rhodes' TNT Title Open Challenge which was one of the best parts of any TNT Title run, especially since it gave us Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston in AEW.

Copeland retained in what was an expected outcome but turned out to be a much better match than I was expecting. This match alone was way better than Cardona's last brief run in AEW a few years back. I don't know that I need to see Cardona in AEW full-time, but this was a sweet moment for Copeland and Cardona to have.

After the bell, a wild Malakai Black appeared in what should set the stage for a future Copeland/Black match – but not before the presumptive Copeland/Mark Briscoe/Eddie Kingston vs House of Black trios match based on the post-match shenanigans.

The Tag Title Tournament is still mostly old news

FTR moved on in the Tag Title Tournament by defeating The Infantry in a pretty decent match. The Infantry had one of the worst screwball wins of all time over House of Black a couple of weeks back and had a chance to prove themselves here. I think they half did so, with Carlie Bravo coming out of the match looking much stronger than Sean Dean.

Dean had a few messy moments that took the air out of a couple of spots, but the match was otherwise fine if not good. The crowd was into it, at least!

I found myself enjoying Top Flight/Absolutely Big much more, especially the portion of the match when Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness talked about how handsome they each found Ricky Starks to be.

Unfortunately, the end of the match was abrupt and potentially injurious. After what seemed like a botched pin from somebody where the referee didn't count a three when Starks' shoulder was still down, Starks ate a stiff twisting piledriver for what, again, seemed like a weird and maybe botchy finish. Starks' music kicked on briefly before switching to Top Flight's while the commentators shuffled to reorient themselves.

The doctor rushed into the ring to check on Starks on the mat, so here's hoping there's nothing more to the story than just a messy ending to the match.

I was hoping that we'd see more of a mix-up in the tournament with teams who haven't already been champions making it to the finals, but so far it looks like we're eyeing a Bucks/FTR final. Despite the t-shirts, I don't know that I see Trent and Orange winning the big one. I'd love to see Top Flight make it, but judging by how their match ended I'm not even sure if they were supposed to make it out of the first round.

Thunder Rosa still feels a step or two behind

Thunder Rosa has felt a little off since coming back, largely down to timing or tentativeness coming across in the ring. Facing Lady Frost on Collision was Rosa's best match since coming back, in my opinion, but in no small part due to Lady Frost being pretty damn fantastic.

Not knowing the contractual status of all of the people who pop up on AEW without getting a graphic, I'd love to see Frost become a full-fledged roster member ala Bryan Keith and Lady Aminata. Give her a series of matches to spotlight her on Collision and then give her the big ole graphic. She deserves it.

It was announced that Rosa and Mariah May will be wrestling on Dynamite with the winner going on to Toni Storm at Dynasty; it seems like the natural progression for Rosa's return is for her to face Toni, but I was hoping to be a bit more wowed by Rosa in-ring since her return. It still may be worth putting the title on her to get the belt out of the Timeless orbit, but I'd be equally happy seeing Mariah become champion since she's been on fire since debuting in AEW.

For the first time ever, Katsuyori Shibata vs Vincent

What a bizarre main event. Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, and Katsuyori Shibata – three of the best wrestlers on the planet – against Lance Archer and The Righteous – one of the best big men to do it and The Righteous. It's like a match put together by that twitter account that makes randomly generated match graphics.

Coming back from break, there was this camera shot which started on the stage, went down the ramp, then looped around the ring which was just marvelous. A simple shot but unique in its simplicity. I support and endorse any and all new and experimental camera angles in wrestling.

I couldn't help but think about how much more I'd enjoy The Righteous if it was Lance Archer and Dutch instead of Vincent and Dutch. I've always wanted to like The Righteous for some reason but I've never been able to find myself getting into them consistently. I think part of that must be Vincent, because I really do think Dutch is quite good. Or maybe it's just the overall presentation not clicking for me and enjoying Dutch in-ring more than Vincent. Who the hell knows.

In the least-surprising outcome of all time, Shibata pinned Vincent after a sensational final few minutes of the match. This was easily the most I've ever enjoyed a Righteous match, but that shouldn't be much of a surprise considering who was across the ring. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the main event because I'm still not sure what's in the box from those Righteous vignettes.

Wrapping Up

Hey, have you heard that AEW is Where The Best Wrestle?! Because it is! They told us several times tonight!

A fun if somewhat disjointed-at-times show that absolutely flew by. Not a bad match on the card, just some unfortunate blips in several of the undercard matches. Nothing bad enough to ruin an entire match or anything, just some slight consistency issues.