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Write Forever: An Absolutely Big Episode of AEW Collision

Write Forever: An Absolutely Big Episode of AEW Collision

This may have been one of the most fun episodes of Collision yet. Not to say that every match was perfect or a must-see match, but the show was a ton of fun from beginning to end. Even the matches that could have been filler squash matches weren't and were, instead, competitive matches that told some fun stories and made everybody look good.

The Bad

I burned my nachos trying to multitask feeding the dogs and getting dinner ready, which is bad. It's terrible. I hate it.

The Main Event Promo Era

AEW doesn't tend to make a habit out of main eventing with a promo, but this is two shows in a row with Adam Copeland and Christian ending the show with a promo.

Because AEW doesn't do this every week, I can be forgiving of them when they decide to go this route. I just hope that we don't start seeing this become a regular thing where the main event is headlined by talking and a brawl rather than a kick-ass wrestling match.

The promo work was fine but nothing special and the segment ended in, of course, a brawl to build toward Copeland's in-ring debut against Luchasaurus on next week's Dynamite. Despite Darby Allin running in to save Copeland, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne stood tall to end the show.

The In-Between

Sometimes Collision feels like too much filler, and this show was that at times. While there weren't any total squashes (except maybe the Tag Team Title match), Collision doesn't necessarily seem to be loaded up with can't-miss matches all of the time.

Some Killer Some Filler

There was nothing wrong with Bullet Club Gold vs Angelico, Metalik, and Gravity (aside from a couple of slips and awkward landings), but it's not necessarily the kind of match you tune into Collision to see. And listen, I love BCG and am crossing my fingers and toes that Jay White somehow walks out of Full Gear with the AEW World Heavyweight Title.

But, if we're trying to make Collision feel like a big show every week then I don't know if it's enough to put your featured players against a random group of guys. Maybe I'm wrong, though!

I have similar feelings about Toni Storm vs Kiera Hogan. I like Kiera a lot and wish she got to do more in AEW, but for whatever reason she's just been on the back burner for most of her run. Pulling her out to just be a sub for Willow or someone to eat a loss to establish Toni Storm's new character is disappointing.

I understanding needing to build a new character and that not every match on the show can be a marquee match, but Kiera is someone who definitely deserves better than being remembered every 6 months or just so she can eat a loss.

In maybe the horniest few minutes of any AEW show we got:

  • Iron Savages' Bronson proclaiming that they were here to "flex, fight, and eat that ass"
  • Ian Riccaboni informing everybody that he and his wife scissored on their anniversary
  • Ian Riccaboni mentioning that his wife was "engorged" with this match
  • Billy Gunn present his ass for Bronson, though no eating of any asses actually occurred

Iron Savages are solid and fun, and I think they'd get over if used less sparingly on TV. They have the same problem as Kiera Hogan in that they tend to only pop up when someone needs to get a win. Wouldn't it be nice if they were built up with some victories and maybe even a storyline of their own so it meant a little bit more when someone else beat them?

So, in summation: all of the "filler" matches were great and competitive, but it'd be even better if we saw the folks on the losing end of those matches utilized more regularly in prominent roles.

The Good

Hey, there's no Kevin Kelly! That's not good, that's great!

Angelico was on the show which meant we got to see his dance, which deserves an honorable mention.

Absolutely Big

Holy shit! I don't know what's going on anymore!

I love Ricky Starks. I always have and always will. I first saw Ricky at Wrestle Circus in Austin with Aaron Solo(w) as Extra Talented, and later when I trained at AAPW in Austin he'd pop in every now and then to train and impart advice on us students. In addition to just being the best when it comes to wrestling, he's also simply a super nice guy in real life. I'll always be a Ricky Starks guy.

But this! THIS! I couldn't have expected this. When Ricky got the pin on Dax in the multi-man match on Collision, it seemed awkward and maybe not quite what the finish was supposed to be. Things just sort of fell apart.

So, I assumed this was just a make-good on that finish. Ricky pins a champion, Ricky gets a title shot. I thought this would be a fun match, but that we'd see FTR walk away with the belts – maybe on Big Bill eating the fall.

This, though, was pure domination. Starks & Bill annihilated FTR from the get-go and with three chokeslams from Bill and a spear from Starks, Starks and Bill are your NEW AEW Tag Team Champions!

Big Bill has been a revelation since coming to AEW. I wasn't excited about the signing, especially with the way he sputtered out in WWE and didn't seem to be doing much to redeem himself on the indies or in Impact.

But, as usual, I was wrong about someone in regards to their AEW run. Bill has been so much fun and was one of the most over guys in the arena when we saw Dynamite a few months back.

This is so deserved for both guys and long overdue for Ricky to be a champion again.

Could this have anything to do with Dax reportedly copyrighting "CMFTR" recently? That seems way too conspiracy theory-ish for my liking, but I know some have already suggested that. I'm more inclined to assume this title change is due to injuries suffered to Cash Wheeler, who was laid out at the onset of the match and wasn't involved beyond that.

I do hope that Starks & Bill aren't just belt pillows for The Young Bucks who just won a number one contenders match. Let these guys cook and have a solid run, please.

Kyle Fletcher, Dragon Catcher

Coming off of one of the greatest technical wrestling matches I've ever seen in my life, Bryan Danielson was back at it with a hell of a wrestling match against Kyle Fletcher.

Fletcher is riding solo for the foreseeable future after partner Mark Davis broke his wrist in the Tag Title Match at WrestleDream. A wonderful thing about AEW is how they don't tend to forget about or abandon someone when their partner is injured. Darius and Dante Martin both stayed active, though Dante had a bit more shine put on him on AEW TV than Darius has so far.

For Fletcher, he got to show out against the best wrestler in the world and look strong every step of the way. Fletcher drove Danielson into the mat grossly with a Dragon Sleeper, and hopefully it looked worse on TV than it was in real life.

Danielson ended up getting the victory using Zack Sabre, Jr's clutch pin in a clear shot to Sabre. ZSJ is angling for another match with Danielson on the grounds that Danielson didn't beat him technically enough at WrestleDream, instead relying on an impact move rather than a submission or an otherwise technical hold.

Using one of the favorite pins of ZSJ, Danielson seems to be telling Sabre that he's open for another match somewhere down the road.

Master King and Kommander

In the (sort of) main event, Eddie Kingston successfully defended the ROH World Title against Kommander. And what a hell of a match it was! I'm still not super keen on ROH Titles being all over AEW TV, but I'm never going to win that argument. I understand you want to make these belts feel important and get eyes on them, but if I can see almost all of the ROH champions on AEW TV, then why would I subscribe to Honor Club?

But, I digress.

This was a great battle of two different styles with neither wrestler having the advantage for long enough to make it matter up until the end. Kingston's striking and power often proved too much for Kommander while Kommander's speed and Lucha style often caught Kingston off guard.

The final few minutes of the match were a ton of fun. I loved the way that each guy went back to their basics in order to try and win the match. Kommander attempting securing several quick pinfalls on Eddie while Eddie clobbered Kommander time after time, both men kickout out before the referee's hand hit the mat for the three count.

In the end, though, Eddie caught Kommander with one heat seeker of a Backfist To The Future for the victory to retain his ROH World Title. Fun stuff!